SCAS Construction & Finishing

The Future

The Future

Strategic Vision

SCAS is looking forward to becoming Egypt’s leading contractor by upholding a business of highly passionate and skilled employees who are able to
achieve extraordinary results for our customers. We also aim to provide quality workmanship and customer service, as well as the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our customers,
employees and vendors.



Our target is to grow by continually providing useful and significant products, services and solutions to the market. SCAS is constantly looking to expand in
new areas that build on our competencies and customer interests. Our goal is to be the preferred contractor of choice. A company that our customers want
to work with and our employees are proud to work for.


Goals & Objectives

Our team recognizes the importance of project delivery satisfaction. In order to keep our standards at its highest potential we conduct regular surveys for our employees as well as our clients to assure a ‘win win’ effect.
This permits us to uphold a satisfactory working environment where our employees' feedback/comments are heard giving them an incentive to perform at their highest potential. Meanwhile, client satisfaction is closely monitored allowing for projects to be are carried out more efficiently and in a timely manner which is one of SCAS’s main indicators.